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Hello! I am a freelancer for web development and digital marketing based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I offer a range of services including web design, web development, web maintenance, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO. I also accept data analytics, data visualization, and machine learning projects.

What I Do

I have a diverse skill set in the digital realm. I offer website development and maintenance, which are crucial services in today’s highly digitized world. I also well-versed in managing advertisements such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google display and search ads to help your business reach its target audience online. Not only that, I completed a Full Stack Data Science and Machine Learning Academy and completed several data science projects. I can help you with data analytics, data visualization, machine learning or deep learning with Python, R, Plotly Dash, Streamlit, Google Looker Studio, Power BI or integrating your business with Generative AI (Open AI, HuggingFace, LLM, LangChain).

Web Development 85%
Web Maintenance 75%
Google Search / Display Ads 70%
Facebook / Instagram Ads 65%
Data Science (Python / R / Looker Studio / Power BI) 60%
SEO 55%

My Experiences

Web & Digital Specialist

EcoNusa Foundation
2021 – Present

I apply my web development and digital marketing skills to create and manage secure, flexible, and user-friendly web products that support the organization’s mission and goals. Additionally, I leverage data science and machine learning skills to retrieve, process, and visualize data, create interactive maps, and provide insights for executing digital marketing efforts that drive brand awareness and engagement.

Digital Marketing & Web Developer

irdiansyah.biz | Self-employed
2011 – Present

Since 2011, I offer website design and building as well as managing the site when they go live. Also manage digital marketing campaign especially digital ads and digital assets integration. This website is the homebase of my works.

Digital Manager
Female Radio
Jul 2013 – Nov 2020
In 2013, I worked at a well-known radio station in Jakarta and contributed to all new media development. I also served as a digital strategist and digital marketing manager when the radio station occasionally acted as a digital agency or crowdsourcing company. I transitioned from being a Digital Staff member to a Digital Supervisor and ultimately to a Digital Manager, where I managed the digital team (content producers, videographers, and graphic designers) at that time.

My Contact

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